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Swine Flu Vaccine: Which one will Angie take?


By F. William Engdahl, 19 October 2009

The criminal drama of untested health endangering vaccines purportedly against Swine Flu or H1N1 Novel Influenza A continues. It is now clear that the German Government of Angela Merkel and Health Minister Ulla Schmidt have decided to recommend one version of 1N1 injection for the “lower classes” and quite another, harmless placebo version for the “elites.”    the new vaccine for the “lower classes” and another harmless placebo version for her “elite” colleagues in high positions or in the Bundeswehr.

The leaked report raises again profoundly disturbing questions about the entire bizarre drama being orchestrated around a non-existent “pandemic” threat and fundamental questions about the moral and criminal liability of the top Government health officials, the heads of the Robert Koch Institute, the Paul Erlich Institute,  die Ständige Impfkommission (STIKO) am Robert-Koch-Institut and others in positions of authority recommending untested new vaccines on the broad population.

In recent days, as media reports, among them this website, have drawn public attention to the real dangers of vaccines containing so-called adjuvants or “enhancers” such as squalene―MF59 from Novartis or AS03 from Sanofi-Pasteur―it has also been reported that the vaccine makers are using highly dangerous nanoparticles to enhance the effects of the vaccines.There have been official denials of the presence of nanoparticles, however, on closer examination the German government and its responsible agencies offer no proof. The reason? The contents of various adjuvants in vaccines is “proprietary” or secret company information!

For more information on this vital aspect of the growing H1N1 scandal, see the following website:

Now it comes out that the highest officials of the Berlin Government have a two-track vaccine policy for H1N1―one for the select “elites” and one for the “masses” like you and me.

According to a report in the Bielefelder Westfalen-Blatt,  citing Government sources, the Serum that will be administered to the 250000 Bundeswehr soldiers and reportedly also to high Government officials, will have an entirely different content than that dosed out to the normal population. The elite version of H1N1 vaccine will contain no adjuvants---no squalene, which is believed responsible for causing the Gulf War Syndrome in US soldiers who were vaccinated in the 1991 war, nor mercury, nor aluminum compounds nor nanoparticles. In short, if the reports are accurate, they will be harmless fluids. 

Several medical doctors have warned about the adjuvant dangers in the vaccines being approved for mass injection later this month, specifically Pamdemrix from the British vaccine giant GlaxoSmithKline and Focetria from the Swiss pharma giant Novartis.


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