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Ukraine and a Tectonic Shift
in Heartland Power

Yemen: Behind Al-Qaeda Scenarios, a Geopolitical Oil Chokepoint to Eurasia

Afghanistan and global dominance / The Real News Network

Ukraine and Georgia: Entry into Nato Put Off Indefinitely

The Caucasus — Washington Risks
Nuclear War by Miscalculation

The Puppet Masters Behind Georgia President Saakashvili

Kosovo and Washington’s Strategic Agenda for Europe and Eurasia

Chokepoint! The Geopolitical Stakes of the Saffron Revolution

The Myanmar military junta is on the hit list of the Bush administration for its repressive ways, we are told. Or does Washington have a more opaque agenda? Some not-so-publicized facts indicate that behind the latest US-orchestrated, color-coordinated effort at regime change (this one is called the "Saffron Revolution", after the marching monks' robes), a battle of major geopolitical consequence is under way. ...”

By F William Engdahl, 15 October, 2007
Previously published in Global Research, Asia Times Online, ZNet, 321 Energy, Financial Sense, Onlinejournal

Putin and the Geopolitics of the New Cold War: Or what happens when Cowboys don`t shoot straight like they used to ...
By F William Engdahl, February 18, 2007

The Emerging Russian Giant Plays its Cards Strategically
By F. William Engdahl, October 9, 2006

US outflanked in Eurasia energy politics

By F. William Engdahl, (Also published in Asia Times Online)

America`s Geopolitical Nightmare and
Eurasian Strategic Energy Arrangements

By F. William Engdahl, (Previously published in GlobalResearch)

Oil Geopolitics, Iraq, Eurasia
and the Debt-Bloated US Economy

On September 21, 2005 a leading online financial news site, www.financialsense.com interviewed F. William Engdahl on his views on geopolitics, today’s developments in Iraq, with oil depletion and with the debt-bloated US economy. The full audio text is available here:

Newshours - Ask the Expert (MP3)

Financial Sense Online

Behind Bush II’s ‘War on Tyranny’

By F. William Engdahl / Previously published in Asia Times Online

Color Revolutions, Geopolitics
and the Baku Pipeline

By F William Engdahl


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